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Craig Silver's new ACM Records release, It's A Freak Country, is now available! Listen to it here.


From Craig's catalogue (see below right):

"Shadows of the Wind" - a semifinalist in the Great American Song Contest


"Eaten by the Internet" from Craig's musical Cyberbabies


"Everybody Must Get Cloned" - his Bob Dylan parody, broadcast around the world on CNN

Previous ACM Records releases:

 Infinity River and Planet Dancer. Click on the titles for the full albums.


You can also hear Craig via Spotify, Amazon Music, Napster, Tidal, iTunes, Google Music, Apple Music,  and all the other streaming and downloading sites.


Check out Craig's YouTube channel, featuring his novelty and topical songs, including the smartphone send-up/put-down, "Got My Emoji Working."


The title song from the new album:


It's a freak country

A freak, freak country

And getting freakier all the time

There's nothing like it

Down through the ages

Aren't you glad it's yours and mine?

It's the home of the unwanted

It's the land of the lost

No people started out here

Over earth and sea they crossed

Whatever your stripe

Whatever your hue

All kinds are welcome

Under the red, white and blue

We've got cowboys and playboys and farmboys and busboys and tons of tomboys

We've got punks and drunks and lunks and hunks and folks in deep funks

We've got Larry, Curly and Moe's and bro's and ho's and loads of no shows

We've got holy rollers and fanatic bowlers and rebels in strollers and green-haired rock 'n' rollers

You can be wild and wacky

Or you can play it straight

But it's live and let live

In these United States

Everyone's an aristocrat

Everyone's nobility

In this crazy nation

This country tis of thee

We've got computer geeks and pinball freeks and money sheiks with jowly cheeks

We've got nudes and prudes and dudes and pseuds and folks with attitudes

We've got bikers and hikers and strikers and pikers and too many on Rikers

We've got Mickey Mouse and your boss the louse and the people in your house and your loving spouse!

In this free country, this free free country

That's getting freakier all the time

There's nothing like it down through ages

Aren't you glad it's yours and mine?







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